Friday, March 18, 2016

Thinker Academy Gets Teens Ready to Adapt and Thrive in The 21st Century

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Thinker Academy Gets Teens Ready to Adapt and Thrive in The 21st Century
Thinker Academy Gets Teens Ready to Adapt and Thrive in The 21st Century
Thinker Academy ( is dedicated to helping teens get more out of high-school. The website, created by a cognitive psychologist, provides resources that parents and educators can use to nurture critical thinking and study skills in their students. 

From the National Education Association to the World Economic Forum, there is wide recognition that these kinds of skills are needed to adapt and thrive in the 21st century workforce and global society. The challenge has been how to best promote these critical skills. The high school years are the perfect time for teens to become savvy learners and thinkers who are ready to succeed in college, career, and life in this new era. Thinker Academy was created to help make that happen.

The site contributes original, relevant articles with tips and advice to help teens boost their grades and prepare for college. The content is completely research-based, though presented in a light-hearted style that’s readily accessible and appealing to teens.

For example, one popular article, 21 study tips: Learn the strategies that set top students apart, describes learning strategies that research has shown to explain 90% of the variance in high-school GPA. Another reports on 5 study skills to accelerate your learning based on an extensive academic review.

Thinker Academy also offers online courses for use at home or in the classroom. These interactive, multimedia resources give teens a way to further practice and apply essential learning and thinking skills. In addition to content crafted for teens, the site provides guidance for parents on how to nurture their teens to become independent learners. (read more at URLwire)

Friday, December 04, 2015

Phonak Offers Hearing Loss Website Dedicated to Teens

The site features a sports section with inspiring testimonials and practical tips showing teens with hearing loss the possibilities on the field, on the court, and on the trails. 

Because a teenager's world is a different one, Phonak has recently launched the first website tailored to the needs of teens with hearing loss. Through teen-specific hooks such as music and social life, the site offers teens all they want to know about hearing technology – and more importantly, what it can do to enhance their lives. The latest addition to the page is a sports section that offers inspiring examples of teen athletes with hearing loss using Phonak Sky Q and Phonak Roger. This new sports section answers the questions teens may have about participating in outdoor sports while wearing hearing devices and communicating with team mates on the field. 

Surveys have shown that hearing impaired teens perceive themselves as typical teenagers who happen to have hearing loss. They love to be active in sports, music, and other fun activities like any other teenager. They expect their hearing aids and wireless technology to allow them to do whatever they want to do without being limited by their hearing loss.

“Hearing impaired teens want to hear from their peers about how they succeeded in similar situations. This is why we have developed a site dedicated to teenagers, offering them all the information they seek and a platform for sharing their own challenges and accomplishments in everyday life with hearing devices, says Angela Pelosi, Head of Pediatrics at Phonak. “With sports as our latest experience, we want to encourage them to get out there and get active, without letting their hearing impairment limit them in any way.”

Sports is one of the favorite pastimes of teens. Those with hearing loss often fear that they cannot participate or keep up with other teens because of hearing-related communication issues. shows teenagers that communication is possible on the field, on the court, and on the trails with hearing solutions like Phonak Sky Q and Phonak Roger. Short, engaging videos show how Phonak hearing solutions have given teenagers the chance to live their dreams and succeed in their favorite sports – all heard and told from a teen’s perspective. offers teens the opportunity to share their own experiences and stories using the latest Phonak technology with the community to encourage and inspire their peers. A Phonak Sky Q and Roger color customization tool, and an “Ask your audiologist” tool make sure teenagers get the most out of the site, whatever their individual preferences and needs.

The website is available in English at

Thursday, September 24, 2015 Provides Top Quality Trade Show Displays and Service at Highly Competitive Prices

Iconic Displays (, provides a variety of high quality trade show display products and turnkey rental systems at discount pricing. With over 40 years of combined trade show marketing experience, the veteran team at Iconic Displays provides concierge style service for all of their clients. Provides Top Quality Trade Show Displays

Their highly experienced account managers help clients select the right display for their unique trade show or event needs. They understand the art of exhibit marketing and how getting it right leads to increased revenues, strong referrals, and valuable industry networking. Iconic Displays assures that your trade show display will stand out from the crowd by offering functional, innovative, top quality exhibit systems that you will be proud to display time after time. 

According to Mike Weimar, founder of Iconic Displays, “We created Iconic Displays to take advantage of the ‘direct to customer’ marketing channel that the web provides. We have much lower overhead than the old style exhibit companies with their large showrooms and highly paid outbound sales forces. We can provide the same selection of products, and industry leading service at a much lower price point due to our lower overhead. Our great customer reviews show that we’ve been successful in meeting those goals.”
Iconic Displays offers a variety of portable trade show displays which can be custom tailored to meet a customer’s unique trade show and event requirements. Their product lineup includes a variety of modular display systems that are easily reconfigured for use at multiple trade shows and events throughout the year. 

The complete trade show display lineup includes truss displays, modular display systems, turnkey trade show display rentals, pop up displays, hanging displays, exhibit flooring, banner stands, and much more. Most products are in stock and ready to ship.  They also provide products at a variety of price points and discount displays for startups and other companies with tight budgets.

To provide professional education, Iconic Displays has an always growing blog that provides a wide variety of articles for the trade show marketing professional. These articles range from trade show marketing tips, to pre-show planning, trade show booth selection, trade show budgeting, show logistics, and more. 

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