Friday, May 07, 2010 Lists In-Depth Info on Hundreds of Boarding Schools In USA, Canada

As an online educational resource for parents and students considering boarding schools, makes searching for boarding schools simple.

Users simply complete a form to request information from the school of their choice. Visitors to the site can view schools by state, by type of school, such as co-ed, all-boys or girls schools, military boarding schools, junior, or college preparatory schools, by religious affiliation, sports offered, art and music programs available, as well as by summer boarding opportunities and schools with strong ESL programs or those teaching students with learning differences.

Boarding schools provide elementary, middle - junior high school, college prep school and post graduate students with a range of educational, athletic, and cultural opportunities in a residential academic setting.

The advantages of small school class size, a rigorous academic program, teaching faculty with advanced degrees, and the close bonds formed by living together with school classmates have been linked to personal and professional success in adulthood. Because the boarding school setting provides round-the-clock educational opportunities, students tend to perform better in college than their peers in public and private schools...Read more here or see the site now

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