Thursday, September 25, 2003

Gold Pages Launches Net's Largest E-currency Search Engine, Directory
[Thu Sep 25, 2003] The Gold Pages E-currency Directory & Search Engine both exclusively contain listings of internet merchants, retailers, financial agents, vendors, banks, debit cards and a wide assortment of retail businesses which all accept e-gold and other popular e-currencies as payment for goods and services... Full Story|Site Announces Free RSS News Syndication Service
[Wed Sep 24, 2003] "We've created an easy to use system that will satisfy the information needs of every Web site and Net user who desires reliable and current health and medical information," said David Sorenson, Vice President, Marketing, MedicineNet, Inc. "This new RSS feed will keep end-users and Web sites up-to-date with broad and timely coverage of all the latest health and medical topics...Full Story|Site

September 2003 Bandwidth Report - US Now At 38.9%, Iceland Warms
[Tue Sep 23, 2003] The Bandwidth Report is a monthly roundup of connectivity trends in the US and elsewhere. Each month's bandwidth report offers the latest statistics in Internet connectivity and broadband trends... Full Story|Site

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