Friday, January 13, 2006 - New Internet Search Assistant for Real-Time Deep Search
Summary: GrepSite is an Internet Search Assistant, helping you to locate the information relatively fast and easily. In contrast to search engines, GrepSite empowers the user to "Smart" search the information on carefully selected list of sites that are most relevant to the search criteria. When you search for some thing special, a Home, a Car or a Job, more Choice you have, the better Chance of finding the perfect match. However, visiting multiple specialized sites, and providing search criteria at each of those sites, is quite difficult and time consuming. not only short lists you the sites where you can find what you are looking for, it also provides your browser enough information to find them within each of those sites, automatically. So you can spend more time and effort on deciding what you want rather than spending time looking for what you want. GrepSite is constantly researching and refining the appropriate sites for each search categories, so you do not have to do that or to wonder what else is out there.

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