Thursday, January 05, 2006 Launches Site to Connect Friends who Travel
Summary: Intown2 expects to become an indispensable tool for business and frequent travellers looking for friends who happen to be in the same location. is an innovative web based members club for travellers that provides a way of automatically telling them when their travel schedule puts them in the same city on the same date as a friend. No more eating alone in hotel coffee shops when one could be out sharing a drink or a meal with a friend. With a simple city-dates entry format Intown2 makes it easy for travellers to share their schedule securely and selectively with family and friends, once again increasing the chances of being able to meet up somewhere or just to let them know where one is. Matching only takes place with those on your Friends List or if you wish, with friends of selected friends. Some unique features are 'home-town matching' and Do-Not-Disturb. Automatic notifications of matches are provided by site message, email or SMS/text message as preferred.

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