Tuesday, May 09, 2006

World Vision Launches Web Site To Address Food Crisis In East Africa

URL: http://www.worldvision.org/AfricaFoodCrisis
Summary: At least five countries in East Africa may be heading for a catastrophic famine not seen since the mid-1980s. More than 14 million people in Ethiopia, Somalia, Kenya, Tanzania, and Burundi are in dire need of food due to drought, AIDS, war, and multiple other factors. World Vision’s new Web site provides a new way for the American public to learn more about this neglected crisis. Media coverage has been scarce, even while the situation in Africa continues to worsen. Visitors to www.worldvision.org/AfricaFoodCrisis can view videos, read stories of heartbreak and hope, and explore an interactive map of the affected region. The site also offers up-to-date information on each crisis country. World Vision provides simple ways for any visitor to the site to make an impact—including quick links to donate in any amount, advocate for food aid, and pray for children and families who are suffering.

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