Friday, June 30, 2006

Independent Filmmakers Distribute Creative Commons Animated Series Free Online

Summary: Edinburgh-based Strange Company have released the first part of 'BloodSpell', a computer-animated feature film. Thanks to computer games technology and 'Machinima', a new way of making animated films, they were able to complete their film in under three years, with a mostly volunteer staff and a budget of less than £5,000.

'BloodSpell' is an action-adventure fantasy film, telling the story of a world in which some people carry magic in their blood - when their blood is spilled the magic is released. It follows the adventures of Jered, a monk of the magic-hating Church of the Angels, as he discovers he is one of the "Blooded" and has to flee for his life into the bizarre magical underworld.

'BloodSpell' was shot using the visual technology of the computer game 'Neverwinter Nights'. Using the game's graphics to create the visuals for the film, Strange Company were able to shoot their film for a fraction of the millions of pounds companies like Pixar and Dreamworks spend on their animated epics.

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