Wednesday, September 06, 2006

New On Line Memorial Service Launched At is a user-friendly, multi-denominational on-line memorial service that launched in July. With its comprehensive 8-page outline for creating a tribute to the departed, allows the bereaved to elegantly commemorate a late loved one. In a bold and unusual tactic, includes a "self-reflection" page that encourages the living to set up their own commemoration. Anyone may sign up for an account, fill out a questionnaire, and add information and items to their personal memorial profile, leaving space for family and friends to use in the future. The website's simple, functional, yet serene design -- mixing nature imagery and a range of religious symbols -- allows the living to alert family and friends of a death, offer details about funerals and celebrations, and store and share memories of the departed. was developed by Heather Swain, a painter, photographer, and recent UC-Berkeley graduate. [more]

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