Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Hundreds of Free mp3 Stories at the American Storyteller Radio Journal Site

URL: http://www.theamericanstoryteller.com
Over the past few years, Nelson Lauver’s nationally syndicated radio feature “The American Storyteller Radio Journal” has established a dedicated U.S. listener base. Fans refer to his stories as unique, timeless and “great radio” and have likened his style to that of Charles Kuralt and Mark Twain. Now, the complete library of these 4-minute radio stories is available free online at TheAmericanStoryteller.com. Visitors to the site can search the approximately 300 story library by keyword or over 20 topics -- then listen to, download, link to, or send the story to a friend. Each 4-minute, mp3 story is broadcast quality and available in high speed or dial-up versions...more »
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