Thursday, March 29, 2007 Offers Detailed Investor Glossary and Reference Site

Money Terms is a finanical reference website for investors. Written by an experienced analyst it aims to cover what investors need to know when analysing companies and securities. Site creator Graeme Pietersz commented "Investors need to be able to look up everything from financial ratios to industry terminology. Simple formulae and definitions are easy to find, but these are not enough. Money Terms goes further and explains what matters to investors and why. It also provides guidance on the practical application of financial concepts and numbers." The origin of the site was as a glossary on an investment research website formerly run by Pietersz, an analyst who has previously worked in fund management and stock-broking in Britain and Asia. When the glossary proved to be more popular than the parent site, it became obvious that there was a real need to have this kind of material online.

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