Tuesday, March 13, 2007

MoneyWillChangeTheWorld.com Launches Unique Pay-Per-Pixel Site

URL: http://www.MoneyWillChangeTheWorld.com

The Pay-per-pixel business model is just a couple years old, but the popularity of sites like the Million Dollar Homepage has shown it to be viable. There are now hundreds of sites that sell pixels, but MoneyWillChangeTheWorld.com differentiates itself by using a geographical/territorial model.

Site creator Andrey Veprikov said about the launch, "The idea behind MoneyWillChangeTheWorld.com is to see what the World will look like when all available cells are sold. Anyone from any country in the world can help his fellow countrymen extend, change the geographic location or simply keep his country in its current borders. There's also a chance of losing your country, should all available territory be purchased by neighboring nations. Hence the name, "Money will change the World".

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