Monday, April 23, 2007

Business Research Engine knuru Launches with Content from the Wharton School’s Business Journal, Knowledge@Wharton

Business Research Engine Launches with Content from Wharton Business Schoolknuru Ltd. is proud to launch its innovative online research engine for web users seeking authoritative business information. combines a natural language approach to search with dynamic contextualized results drawn from query relevance, not advertisement sponsors, to extract concise information from top-tier intellectual resources. The prestigious Wharton Business School of the University of Pennsylvania has become the first institution to adopt this new technology, by integrating it into the website and archive of its venerated Knowledge@Wharton online business journal. Thanks to this partnership users at large are also given free access to this valuable content resource, which populates as ‘strategic’ search results in the interface. “knuru presents a unique opportunity for the Wharton School to share its knowledge and expertise with the academic and business community,” said Peter Winicov, Director of Communications for the Wharton School. “Knowledge@Wharton has a user base that exceeds 700,000 registrations. We’re excited about initial reactions from the partnership, and have already seen a positive response from our users. more...

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