Friday, June 29, 2007

Pet Gifts Retailer Moochie & Co. Announces Online Pet Registry

URL: Moochie & Co. is expanding on the parenting concept to launch their Pet Registry. Users can register and create a list of pet gifts and accessories for their new pets online. Then their friends and family can sign up to choose gifts to buy for the new addition to the family. "Just as brides-to-be and expectant parents register for wedding and baby shower presents, new pet parents have a pet registry of their very own. The Moochie Registry helps new dog and cat owners gather the essentials for their new pet while bringing friends and family together for a special pet occasion," said Kristie Lewis, Merchandising Coordinator for Moochie & Co. The Moochie Registry, also located at, is free for pet owners. This is especially great for first time pet owners getting a new puppy or kitten or someone who adopts from dog shelters or pet rescue groups. Anyone using the online pet registry can make a catalog of pet gifts and accessories they want for their pets. The registry then becomes publicly available to friends, co-workers, community groups, and even dog and cat grandparents.

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