Friday, July 27, 2007

Sweetwaterbay Web Site Provides Unique Look at Northern Cyprus Properties

Sweetwaterbay Web Site Provides Unique Look at Northern Cyprus PropertiesURL:
Is it possible to sell a $250,000 property which the client has never seen over the web? Sweetwater Bay properties, a North Cyprus Properties developer, has been doing just that to sell vacation and retirement homes in its up and coming development located on the North shore of Cyprus. Utilizing most of the possibilities the web has to offer, a comprehensive exciting website was created with a main goal – to share as much of the information and the “feeling” of the development to the end user, which will then hopefully become a client and resident of the village. The site is designed to give user friendly navigation on all levels of information, starting with basic information about the company, the location and a full tour including 360 views of the site. Further browsing will take you to the Project pages which will tell you all about a villa in north Cyprus, a holiday apartment or a bungalow...

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