Thursday, August 09, 2007

Leading Auto Parts Supplier Refines Award-Winning Blog

Leading Auto Parts Supplier Refines Award-Winning  BlogURL:

"While we’re famous for offering discounted new and used auto parts through our online channel, our business model extends far beyond that," says Nicholas Campbell, VP of Operations for auto parts supplier "We’re passionate about all things interesting and our new blog aims to share a world of unique stories with our readers, regardless of whether they’re in the market for auto parts." The blog, called Auto Parts for Brains, has already received numerous accolades from blog-watchers, including a recurring rank on the Top 50 List of Aussiejourno's Weekly Blog Awards. Auto Parts For Brains also placed 10th overall in terms of readability, relevance, use of photographs and images, and overall creativity of writing. With a refined design, the new blog will feature both car-related stories and unique pop culture information. According to Auto Parts Place management, the blog is a natural extension of the auto parts site. "Car enthusiasts love cool stories," says Campbell. "Auto Parts for Brains provides them with a new domain to discover exciting new things."

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