Wednesday, November 07, 2007 Relaunches Web's Most In-Depth Asbestos Information Library Relaunches Web's Most In-Depth Asbestos Information Library
When the publishers of the web site set out to re-create the site after nearly 10 years online, they had one goal in mind – to create the single most comprehensive resource on the Internet, or perhaps in any form, on the topic of asbestos and the effects that it can have on the lives of people in the United States or around the world. And after extensive research, consultation, writing, editing, and coding, that goal has been accomplished: is currently the most in-depth source of
information on asbestos available - anywhere. Trusted Content - The purpose of is to provide the most complete and comprehensive single resource on asbestos-related issues available on the Internet. This website has been created by a dedicated team of researchers in the fields of law, medicine, history, journalism, industrial science and safety, chemistry and geology over the course of several months.The problem and frustration that many encounter when searching for asbestos-related information on the World Wide Web--whether one is looking for legal, medical, scientific or historical information--is that invariably, one must wade through thousands of ads from law firms who are clamoring for asbestos clients. Legal issues are definitely a large part of what is happening with asbestos matters today, but there is much more to the picture. Asbestos is perhaps best described as the 'devil's rock' – a compound so strong that it can withstand the fires of hell, and so deadly that it can kill a person in a matter of months. Made up of a variety of different minerals, asbestos has been used since ancient times in many different shapes and forms, from table cloths that could be 'burned' clean, to wicks in candles, and many other uses. And while there were varied reports throughout time of illnesses caused by the mineral, it wasn't until the late 19th and early 20th century that the true dangers of asbestos became known – Asbestos causes cancer, in most cases a rare form known as Mesothelioma...
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