Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Iminta.com Launches New Social Aggregation Site

Iminta.com (www.iminta.com) announced today that it is launching the public beta of its new social aggregation site. Internet users can collect all their online profiles from services such as Digg, Flickr, YouTube, Yelp, Twitter, last.fm and others in one place, turn their content into a single online profile, share it with friends and colleagues, and use the site's unique filters and permissions to determine who sees what. "I wanted to create a place where my friends and I could share what we're into online, even when we use different sites, without having to send an email every time," said Aaron Newton, Iminta.com's founder, "but I also wanted to control what content each person sees. Maybe I love my friend's photos, but I hate his music. Iminta is unique because it lets you filter what others see in your profile and what you see in theirs with a great degree of control. And it's as easy as clicking the 'Favorite' button below a YouTube video...click to read more.Social Bookmark Button

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