Tuesday, May 06, 2008

New Customer Review Directory BView.co.uk Highlights Best and Worst UK Companies

New Customer Review Directory BView.co.uk Highlights Best and Worst UK CompaniesURL:http://www.bview.co.uk
Rogue traders have nowhere to hide as new Customer Review Directory highlights best practice and exposes the worst UK companies via customer feedback and credit ratings. bview.co.uk is the first unbiased, online reviews directory that highlights the UK's best and worst practice companies - as ranked by their customers. Unlike opt-in business directories and review sites, BView lists the details of 2.3 million preloaded UK companies, as well as free company credit ratings, customer reviews and ratings. This interactive customer review directory encourages better business practice by helping customers make informed decisions to avoid bad companies and connect with their customers, through their own BView business page. Customers can now search through league tables of businesses ranked by their customers. A regularly updated “BView Score” is given to every business by customers rating the Quality, Reliability and Value of the products and services they received. The score is calculated from a unique algorithm and weighted according to the reviewers’ profile and BView influence. “We are already finding companies competing to be the top business in their industry with the best ‘BView Score’”, says BView CEO, Brad Liebmann. “This level of transparency is the only way forward for UK businesses. We passionately believe that rogue traders should have nowhere to hide; the only way to source reliable suppliers is to BView before you buy.” Leading SME expert Prof Andrew Burke of Cranfield School of Management believes BView is pro-competition: “This is a fairly radical transformation of the dominant economic model. The site encourages innovation as businesses now need to be more competitive and responsive to consumer needs, thereby strengthening the UK economy...

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