Tuesday, June 10, 2008

TaxDiversity.com Addresses Shortage of Corporate Tax Professionals


A new initiative addressing the lack of diverse personnel within the tax profession aims to stave off a potential shortage of corporate tax professionals at a time when government regulation and financial requirements of large corporations are increasing. Tony Santiago, owner of Tax Search, Inc. and TaxTalent.com, recently launched TaxDiversity.com, a collaborative tax profession project focused on improving the diversity of both minorities and women in the tax profession as the traditional white male population begins to retire in large numbers. “As a recruiting firm and industry resource, we saw a lack of diversity particularly among minorities in the tax profession, as well as a lack of women in senior leadership roles,” says Santiago. “With the number of retirees increasing fast and a long retraining time required for new hires, we must reach out to all populations quickly or there could be dire consequences. While individual companies have developed certain initiatives, no one has stepped up to create a comprehensive plan encompassing the entire tax profession.”

In fact, a recent survey of U.S. tax professionals conducted by the company found that more than 68% said that racial diversity at the senior executive level within the tax profession was below average or poor, and nearly half said that the availability of support systems to promote diversity among tax professionals was below average or poor. The center of the effort is TaxDiversity.com, a Web site where students and professionals can view job openings, participate in forums, read case studies, watch video commentary from successful minority tax professionals and...Click to read more.

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