Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Traveling2Florida.com Tempts Sightseers to Visit the Sunshine State

URL: http://www.Traveling2Florida.com

Targeting both UK and US travelers with informative articles on every detail of planning fun Florida vacations, the Traveling2Florida website doubles as a one-stop shop for unique Florida vacations – but with a catch. The website offers Florida home and apartment rentals, not hotels, as an alternative to the usual lodging options. Any given search is narrowed down to 100 homes in any one area, which significantly limits the market and aids the site’s users in two ways: better rental ratios for renters and more efficient searches for leasers. The website also provides area guides free of charge to help reduce wasted time when visiting the Sunshine State.

“Traveling2Florida was created to encourage visitors to rent apartments or homes during their stay in Florida, rather than pay the usual high costs of hotels. We bring renters and leasers together in a way that ensures that travelers will have a unique, special vacation,” said Fraser Hannah, owner of Traveling2Florida. “We strive to bring users of the website all of the resources they could possibly need to plan a Florida vacation, including rental guides, breaking news, and hot spots in each of the cities and towns of this sunny state.”

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