Thursday, September 11, 2008

Web 2.0 Online Coloring Site Is Perfect for Kids


With an ever growing selection of pictures to color online, is the first online coloring site that has integrated web 2.0 features such as community ratings of pictures, most popular pictures colored by members, and private/public galleries of the most recently colored pictures by members. Unlike crayons and paper, gives kids 190 different colors for coloring pictures online allows artists to change their color selection even after they have filled in part of page. Users can select hundreds of pictures from various themes including animals, holidays, vehicles, and season. Every week more pages are added for kids to enjoy. Once children make their masterpieces online they have the option of saving them to their personal gallery, printing or sharing them to loved ones via a widget or email. founder David Perez said, “I had the concept, a little money to spend and zero production, design or coding experience. I outsourced design, coding, and illustrations to three different freelancers from around the world that specialized in each area. I would put this site up against any online coloring site in terms of usability and content. I never met with or spoke with any of the freelancers about this project. Email and Instant Messaging are the tools we used to build this site. It just goes to show that anyone can build a top notch site with a little cash and virtual collaboration.” Online coloring on did not require any venture capital money and does not require...Click to read more

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