Friday, October 10, 2008

2008 Presidential Polls Receive a Sweet Twist at


In a time of financial bailouts and political uncertainty is joining 51 local bakeries in 23 states across America, from New York to California, in putting Barack Obama, Joseph Biden, John McCain and Sarah Palin in the cookie jar. With the hopes of adding some sugar, spice and things nice to a nasty and difficult election year and the RBA members (Retail Bakers of America) have started promoting the 2008 National Cookie Polls. Gathering voter results over the last four weeks the Presidential Cookie Polls track closely with the more recognized 2008 Presidential polls run by CNN and Gallup Poll. The most recent Gallup Poll update shows Barack Obama at 50%, and John McCain at 42%, while the 2008 Presidential Cookie Polls have the Democratic Party ahead with 11,809 against the Republican Party’s 8,787 cookies sold, 57% to 43%. Award winning Chef and culinary pioneer, Chef Steve Pazyra, is doing his part to help lighten the country’s mood by offering the benefit of his online bakery delivery experience to the National Cookie Polls. Chef Steve, who bakes and ships unique birthday gifts through the U.S., believes that by limiting the flavors available to chose from customers will most likely pick who they are voting for and not the cookie they love most. He said, “in order to keep voters from voting for their favorite cookie instead of their favorite candidate the bakeries are doing away with more diverse flavors such as Macadamia nut and chocolate chip. Instead they are sticking to a traditional sugar cookie with an extra sweet...Click to read more

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