Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Disability Secrets Helps Social Security Disability Applicants

URL: http://www.disabilitysecrets.com
Social Security Disability Secrets, a website that helps claimants navigate the federal disability system, is now offering free downloadable RFC forms via DisabilitySecrets.com. What is an RFC form? An RFC, or residual functional capacity form, is a document that addresses an individual’s physical or mental limitations; i.e., why they can no longer work, and why they should be awarded disability benefits. The Social Security Administration actually requires that an RFC form be completed for every social security disability or SSI disability claim decision. And typically the form must be completed by an M.D. However, the social security administration’s RFC forms are not completed by someone who has an actual treatment history with a claimant but, instead, are completed by a government doctor working alongside a disability examiner in a claim processing unit. This, of course, is seldom advantageous to a claimant as statistics indicate that approximately 70 percent of all disability applications are denied. According to Tim Moore, the publisher of Social Security Disability Secrets (which features a Social Security Disability Questions page) and a former disability examiner himself, the social security administration never sends an RFC to the claimant’s own treating physician and, thus, never gives the disability applicant’s physician the opportunity to explain why their patient is disabled and unable to work. Instead, he states, “They have their own doctors, who have never seen or treated the claimant, fill out these forms. Not surprisingly, social security uses...Click to read more.

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