Thursday, October 02, 2008

Local Live Event Discovery Site Goes National

URL:, a Seattle-based events discovery site, is now available in the top 25 markets in the United States. Now, movers and shakers from Miami to San Francisco to Detroit can discover, promote, and share local events, from live music and movies to comedy shows, art festivals, dance performances, sports, and more. With a strong foothold in the arts and entertainment communities of the Pacific Northwest, has enjoyed steady growth and continues to roll out sweet Web 2.0 features making it easier and easier for audiences, artists, and promoters to find out about local events and share them with others. CultureMob’s JavaScript calendars, Tell-A-Friend messages, Myspace widgets, Facebook applications, and RSS feeds all help to spread the word about events, and the high-tech personalized recommendation system that draws from individual users’ iTunes and Netflix lists means you will never miss an event again, from Spam festivals to wiener dog races. Whatever grills your cheese in the entertainment world, you will be able to discover and stay tuned into your events on, share them with friends, spread the buzz, and then get out there yourself and enjoy life like you know you should! is not only an excellent source for discovering and sharing local events, but the website is also an invaluable tool for artists and venues to promote their upcoming events. When a promoter adds an event to the CultureMob database, the event information is redistributed to all major print and online publications in the area, saving valuable time and effort. Venues can use CultureMob’s JavaScript calendar on their own websites to stylishly list their upcoming events...Click to read more

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