Thursday, November 13, 2008

Unite the Deeqs at - The New Kids Site From Dairy Queen

URL: was created as a free, playful, safe, and non-violent place for kids to play online. Featuring fun art, original characters, and an ever-expanding story line and world, the site will appeal to wide range of children. There is something for everyone including a storybook, downloadable poster and sticker sheets, several interactive games, and a customizable house. Kids are able to have fun with the Deeqs, both in-store and on, where they'll be able to explore the Deeqs’ world of DQ-topia, play games, and learn their incredible history.

The story behind the creation of the Deeqs

The Deeqs are fun-loving creatures created when the founders of DQ experimented with their newly invented soft serve. They made a batch that was too fun and too powerful, and the soft serve came to life, morphing into the Deeqs. The Deeqs, now living in DQ-topia, are scattered and need kids to unite them to face an evil storm that is threatening to destroy their world.

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