Thursday, February 26, 2009

Site Follows Progress of Universal Studios Hollywood Rip Ride RockIT Roller Coaster


Universal Studios Florida launched a web site to showcase the upcoming attraction Hollywood Rip Ride RockIT roller coaster. The site divulges tantalizing details about the new coaster as well as a construction blog where you can view the ongoing construction photos. Hollywood Rip Ride RockIT is expected to open at Universal Studios Orlando Resort in Spring 2009. Among the many unique features of the 17-story attraction, each rider will be able to select their own personal soundtrack as on-board cameras capture every moment of your ride. Once the ride is over, you can then further customize and personalize your own individual music video of your entire ride. Those interested in receiving direct updates on the coaster's progress can sign up for email updates here. Text alerts are also available via the link to read more


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