Monday, March 09, 2009 Provides Unbiased UK Insurance Comparison


It seems that every UK niche comparison site only stays that way for a short time before exploding into every other comparison product available. Electricity comparison sites start listing insurance products and insurance comparison sites start comparing mobile phones., as the name suggests, is a purist when it comes to comparing insurers in the UK. Aside from the unique directory which lists insurers by popularity, not price – the website contains a whole host of useful features and information for both consumers and insurance industry insiders. Site visitors can leave their opinions and experiences with their own insurers in various ways such as leaving comments or voting in polls. The comments are moderated so you don’t have to trawl through pages of people’s personal complaints - only the reviews that are deemed potentially useful to consumers make it to the boards. Both the comments and the results of polls are displayed publicly even as the polls are ongoing. The focus on insurance products is so narrow, that for kicks they develop cartoons about the insurers being covered...and not all of them flattering either. Which brings us to, by far, the largest section of the site, (currently 92% of the total number of pages and growing) -- the insurance news desk. Unlike most niche insurance news websites which simply rewrite press releases from insurers, actually spends time and money on researching new, unique articles. Exclusive quotes are obtained from the insurers themselves explaining the issues being discussed and important consumer advice generally follows each topic covered. You’ll find a lot of the research and information produced by the team now being quoted on other major news networks and even by to read more

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