Monday, June 08, 2009

FormLogix WYSIWYG Form Builder Makes Online Form Creation Simple

FormLogix form builder provides businesses as well as individuals with an online solution for data collection, management and analysis. You can get a taste of this user friendly web tool at “We believe that web forms constitute a powerful tool and should be available to all” says Benny Tsabba, Founder & CEO, FormLogix. "People who have no programming skills or have a small budget should also have the ability to create online forms in an easy an cost effective way- this is exactly why we created this web form builder. I believe that our tool is especially important in this period of economic cutbacks, since it provides a low cost (and excellent) service for small and large businesses alike. We are a customer service oriented company and make it our job to tend to our users’ problems and requests. Keeping in constant contact with our users helps us understand their growing needs, develop exciting new features and keep up with this competitive market’s demands”.

The FormLogix form builder allows users to create an endless variety of forms: contact forms, surveys and polls, questionnaires, feedback and support forms, online invitations, order and purchase forms, registration forms, etc. With FormLogix the form creation process is extremely simply and requires no programming skills whatsoever. Using WYSIWYG drag and drop motions and not imposing any rigid layouts FormLogix enables a very flexible form design (elements may be dragged and dropped anywhere on the design area). Once data is entered in the form, the account owner automatically receive a data entry alert (email form) and can manage and analyze it in the FormLogix data management report tool. Advanced Filters and charts are available as well as data import and various export options. is a leading online web form builder that was developed by Benny Tsabba and Amy Weinberg and launched in 2006. This form builder is a unique technology that automates and simplifies the process of web databases and web forms creation. The form generator was designed to shorten the time of web form development from days to to read more

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