Wednesday, September 09, 2009 Helps Neighbors Help Each Other Via Cooperative Living

In this tough economy, nobody can afford to spend more than necessary for the things they need., which recently launched its public beta, allows users to get the most out of what they have rather than buying new things, bringing a physical connection back in our communities and rekindling cooperative living in neighborhoods.

Put simply, connects local people who "have stuff" with people who "want stuff". Goods, tools and equipment, skills or anything useful can be rented, swapped, shared or simply given away as neighbors can now join together to better each other’s lives. is the first and only web platform that combines the old spirit of cooperative living with an advanced localized search and a flexible choice of renting, swapping, sharing and gifting to provide access to resources next door, around the corner, or in your own backyard. Users can quickly post their stuff and find what they want more efficiently and economically using cutting edge web technology—whether it’s moms swapping sports gear, toys or giving baby clothes or dads renting out their power tools or an accountant bartering his services for auto repairs or fashionistas swapping clothes, accessories, and jewelry or students swapping or even renting textbooks, cell phones, DVDs, video games. The potential for keeping more cash is enormous with more

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