Tuesday, December 15, 2009

EarnMyDegree.com Reveals the Highest Paying Jobs Straight out of College

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In today’s tough economy it’s important to know not only which industries are hiring, but which jobs pay well, when you get out of college. Some professions are more likely to pay top dollar to get qualified people in the door.

To help you figure out which jobs pay more, EarnMyDegree.com has put together an easy-to-reference guide of the 11 highest paying jobs straight out of college. The list can be found at http://www.earnmydegree.com/online-education/learning-center/11-highest-paying-jobs.html.

EarnMyDegree.com Reveals the Highest Paying Jobs Straight out of CollegeTopping the list is an investment banker. According to the Salary Finder on Indeed.com, an investment banker can expect to make about $112,000 a year. Although the demand for this job might be declining due to the economy, the earning potential is still very high.

A software developer comes in second place on the list, making about $84,000 a year. Jobs for software developers are usually easy to come by, but continued education is often a necessity due to the constant changes in technology.

The good news is that many continuing education classes in software development are available through online colleges or online universities, making it easier to fit education into an already busy schedule. Rounding out the top five highest paying jobs on the EarnMyDegree.com list are actuaries, engineers and network systems administrators.

A job that made the list, which may surprise many people, is a teacher. This position came in at number 11, with foreign language teachers especially likely to make a decent...Read more here or see the site now

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