Monday, December 07, 2009 Re-Launches as In-Depth Legal Resource

The Legal Info team is pleased to announce the re-launch of their Web site, Following months of legal research to bring each article up-to-date, along with a complete redesign of the site, is poised to become one of the largest and most sought-after legal resources on the Internet today.

Covering nearly every legal topic imaginable, the Legal Info editorial team has brought together thousands of well-researched and written legal based articles to be accessed from one convenient location. The 25 major legal areas covered by Legal Info include concerns most common to the majority of those doing legal research, such as: bankruptcy, car accidents, criminal law, defective medical devices, and workers compensation topics. Legal Info also covers many less-common topics with information that is hard to find elsewhere. Among these topics include: birth injury, dangerous drugs, truck accidents, and elder abuse.

Each area of expertise on is easily accessible, navigable, organized by topic, and if appropriate, by state. Many areas of law differ in each state, including statutes of limitations, maximum fines and sentences, and more. The Legal Info team has done the research for you, and has provided this data and research for each individual state as well.

In addition to the extensive library of legal topics, Legal Info is updated daily with stories of recent legal news and current events that are making headlines across the country and around the world. Topics covered in these news briefs include general legal issues, as well as extending into off-beat legal news and other stories that are not widely covered elsewhere. Each topic on contains...Read more here or see the site now

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