Tuesday, January 26, 2010

ModernAnalyst.com Helps Business Analysts to Succeed with Tools, Experts, and Resources

ModernAnalyst.com is the premier online community and resource portal for business analysts, systems analysts, and other IT professionals involved in business analysis or systems analysis.

This online magazine was launched to address the lack of quality sources of information for practitioners who describe themselves as business analysts or who practice the discipline of business analysis.

The resource portal was created by practicing business analysts for business analysts to allow them to easily access the resources and information they need, when the need it. The ModernAnalyst.com site offers:

- Feature Articles by leading field experts,
- Live and on-demand webinars for continuous education,
- Recommend books and reference materials,
- A variety of ready to use Templates and Aides,
- Business Analyst Diaries showcasing real analysts,
- Interview Questions for BAs preparing for interviews,
- Weekly business analysis Comics,
- Directory of numerous business analysis resources.

ModernAnalyst.com is not just a resource portal or an online magazine but it is also a vibrant business analyst community of thousands of members who engage in discussions with their peers and learn from like-minded professionals through dedicated forums and community...

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