Friday, February 19, 2010 from SimilarGroup Searches for Best of the Web, formerly SimilarWeb just launched a new product: A search engine designed to find top sites, named - The search engine is based on a unique algorithm with the capabilities of finding top websites in every category in any language. The site is the latest addition to SimilarGroup’s family of websites and add-ons all based on their unique similarity/trends technology and algorithm. offers the best 10 sites according to the topic the user enters: For example: by searching “video” on you will immediately receive the top 10 video sites online according to the company's algorithm, that was specially programmed to analyze millions of sites over the web, recognize trends and detect similar content. also offers its users a discovery Firefox Add-on – a toolbar that helps you find top sites while browsing the web, similar to the site you are currently viewing. The add-on will automatically suggest several categories related to the site’s subjects and will provide top 10 websites for every relevant category. Thus, making this toolbar an ultimate discovery tool for associative browsing.

SimilarGroup changed its name from SimilarWeb, due to the sharp increase in the number of services provided by the company. Along with the company also owns several add-ons including SimilarWeb (A Mozilla recommended add-on) (a similar sites search engine), all designed to help users discover...

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