Monday, March 29, 2010 Provides Independent and Objective Annuity Information

There are plenty of annuity-related lead-generation and sales-oriented sites on the Web, but a lack of objective, high quality third party content. The fundamental objective of is to publish premium content that is independent, objective and actionable. The site attracts both industry insiders as well as consumers. The content subject is annuities and, more broadly, asset decumulation. Provides Independent and Objective Annuity Information

Annuities are complex and extremely important financial services products. Tens of millions of Baby Boomers are entering retirement with pools of accumulated savings in 401K plans, Individual Retirement Accounts and other savings vehicles. At the same time, traditional defined benefit pension plans are becoming extinct.

As a result, millions of people are directly burdened with the hugely complex task of converting their life savings into a stream of income that lasts throughout their retirement. This is where annuities come into play. An annuity is essentially a personal pension plan as it enables a person to convert a pool of accumulated savings into a stream of guaranteed retirement income that lasts for a lifetime. Further, annuities provide protection from longevity risk which is the risk of outliving one’s assets during retirement. Due to trends in medical science and human lifespans, longevity risk is one of the most daunting issues that retirees will face in the coming decades.

When it comes to annuities and asset decumulation, there is a relatively high level of misunderstanding and misrepresentation. Media coverage tends to be skewed towards market activity and asset accumulation products and services.

The site structure and features focus on three core objectives: 1) inform and educate; 2) provide actionable content, and; 3) provide a forum for community development...

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