Thursday, April 29, 2010 Launches Celebratory Site Honoring the Most Significant Film Directors of all Time

Visible Ink Press, the publisher dedicated to popular culture, movies, television and more, announces the launch of a new website providing an insightful study of our greatest film directors. Selected from the worthiest careers from the motion picture industries of five continents, noted film historians, critics and scholars provide unique insights and offer a fresh perspective into the works of the greatest film directors ever.

Film buffs and aspiring auteurs will find in-depth and hard-to-find biographical information on leading directors from Burton to Bergman, Sayles to Spielberg, Tarantino to Truffaut. Along with the detailed director profiles, includes information on career highlights, awards, filmography, education, family, and more.

These are the best of times, technologically speaking, to catch up with old movie classics, and the site satisfies by revisiting and exploring the masters from Capra to Kurosawa to Wilder. The Film History Timeline captures the roots of all filmmaking and the influences on the creative minds behind the camera, documenting over a hundred years of film history.

Essays contributed to the site come from dozens of distinguished critics and film historians, including Roy Armes, Emeritus Professor of Film at Middlesex University; DeWitt Bodeen, screenwriter and film critic; R. Barton Palmer, Professor of English, Clemson University; Liam O'Leary, one of the founding members of the Irish Film Society...Read more here or see the site now

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