Thursday, September 16, 2010 Launches Community Wealth Forums - A Place to Discuss Personal Finance and Lifestyle Issues


Personal Dividends announces the launch of Wealth Forums as a premier site on the web for the global community to interact, socialize and discuss personal finance and lifestyle topics. All who are engaged in building wealth, managing wealth or living a rewarding lifestyle are welcome to join.

Since January 2009, Personal Dividends has been providing ideas, tips, and information about money and lifestyle topics to global audiences. Over 40 registered contributors, experts and enthusiasts alike, have found Personal Dividends an ideal venue to write about their passions and educate and inform.

According to Shailesh Kumar, Chief Editor of Personal Dividends, "Personal Dividends' mission is to help regular people make informed decisions about the way they handle their money and manage their lifestyle. We want to be in tune with the concerns and questions that affect everyone on a daily basis and help them make best long term decisions for themselves and their families. We are unique in the industry in that we have chosen to allow everyone who has advice and ideas to share to contribute to the site. The new Wealth Forums are a natural next step for us to get our readers more engaged and be part of their daily conversations" ...see the site now

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