Monday, October 18, 2010 Launches BetCenter Web Show Dedicated to Sports Betting Launches BetCenter Web Show Dedicated to Sports BettingThe excitement of online sports betting and the impact of web news are now in one spot. America's favorite sportsbook,, is launching an exclusive online video program entitled BetCenter. BetCenter is hosted by sports betting personality and senior sports wagering analyst Damon Durante. This weekly video program features the latest odds and lines, handicapping tips, game analysis and special promotions offered by, the #1 sportsbook in North America and the featured odds provider for AOL, MSNBC and USA Today.

With loads of insight, humor and personality, Damon D. and BetCenter delivers the wagering portion of the BetUS football preview show Inside the Lines. ITL is hosted by nine-time NBA All-Star Gary Payton and former pro running back and Oklahoma Sooners captain Kenyon Rasheed. Every week during the season, there will be special guests and on-location reports. Gary, Kenyon and Damon D. will introduce viewers to guest athletes, celebrities and handicappers - many of them at gameday locations - who share a passion for sports wagering. You can only watch this one-of-a-kind programming at is the only online sportsbook with a dedicated video section - known as BetFlix - to give players the latest sports information and wagering advice. This season, there's more to watch than ever before, with Inside the Lines and BetCenter...see the site now

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