Friday, May 06, 2011 Launches Online Treasury of Amazing People

Robipau LLC announced today the launch of, where visitors create online “Ovations” to applaud those who matter most to them. A unique treasury of online testimonials and accolades, the site is intended as a way to publically commemorate not celebrities and public figures, but rather those individuals who have directly made a difference in our lives.

“The Web is fundamentally focused on the ‘me,’; we spend most of our time sharing our own pictures, profiles, thoughts, links, and other bits of content that further our own sense of self-importance,” explained Bill Koehler of “ flips this mindset on its head; we’re offering a way to focus on someone else – someone who is special to us and would appreciate knowing it. Most of us spend very little time telling people they matter. Sadly, such sentiments are shared most often at eulogies and memorials. At, we want to help our customers celebrate life. It is a very cool and inexpensive gift for someone you care about.”

Users can access the site at, where they can build an Ovation for a nominal fee -- about half the price of a physical card and postage. Friends, relatives, customers, students, and employers -- anyone can preserve funny memories, lessons learned or life stories plus pictures and other anecdotes or more or go to the Ovational web site

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