Tuesday, May 10, 2011

TypoBounty.com Launches Service That Pays Users for Finding Typos On Web Sites


TypoBounty.com, the “Impulse Buy Engine”, introduces an exciting opportunity for internet users to earn extra cash identifying online typos, and businesses to offer bounties on errors that may exist in their web content. Internet users compete to contribute to internet quality by suggesting corrections to online writing errors.

Using the TypoBounty.com Toolbar, Internet users earn $2.00 for each typographical error they identify first. A users surf the web, they help make it better.

Users can keep the money they earn and use the money as a “TBoupon” (TypoBounty.com version of a coupon) for products they want or they can donate it directly to the charity of their choice. Charities set up free charity accounts on TypoBounty.com and they stand to gain significant donation increases without further burdening their supporters.

Based on the premise that the internet should be as error-free as humanly possible, TypoBounty.com presents the opportunity for internet users to earn money for being the first to report web copy errors and businesses to gain greater attention for their copy. Small businesses can market their products to an attentive audience that have online accounts to use as TBoupons.

There are billions of people contributing to the internet and millions will need to participate in cleaning up the misspelled words, typographical, grammatical and other errors. Using the TypoBounty.com toolbar allows participants to claim and report errors...see the TypoBounty.com web site

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