Tuesday, August 23, 2011

UK Car Leasing Site CentralContracts.com Offers One Of A Kind Car Selection Tools

URL: http://www.centralcontracts.com
www.centralcontracts.com is a car leasing site that offers car enthusiasts and potential customers a range of unique car selection tools to make finding the right car easier and a lot more fun. 

The site has unique car comparison tools, such as the model radiograph, the car cost comparison tool and the annual fuel bill calculator. The car colour tool also displays all of the manufacturer car colours for every model, something that is more or less non-existent on the web. 

All of these tools make the website more interactive and are a real resource for anyone interested in comparing one car model against another. There is even a car racing game/tool that allows users to race one model against another. These tools cannot be found anywhere else and can even be embedded on external websites for free by copying the code and embedding it on your own site. 

Along with the tools, centralcontracts.com also has car news and articles, giving advice to drivers on how best to drive, take care of their vehicle and how to choose a new car, and more. On commercial pages, the site offers valuable information on all models, including top speed, 0-60 time, MPG and CO2 emissions...read more

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