Tuesday, September 13, 2011

CarsDirect.com Launches Car Pricing Data Feature

URL: http://www.CarsDirect.com
CarsDirect has been in a continuing process of a complete site redesign which initially launched in March.  In their continuing commitment to give consumers and dealers the best deals possible, CarsDirect.com has introduced several key features to enhance the user experience and improve information access.  
The examples below are a few of the enhanced functions now available. 
- Proprietary “Expert Buying Outlooks” for over 160 models, including proprietary vehicle overviews.
- A Vital Stats widget that shows the CarsDirect price for new cars and used car price ranges, using actual CarsDirect used car inventory, for older model years.
- Price vs. Mileage graphs of actual inventory of mileage to price  for any given model.
- Sales Price Trends are charts of new car pricing for each model over the past six...read more

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