Tuesday, October 11, 2011

PageStationery.com Launches New Digital Holiday Photo Cards

URL: http://www.pagestationery.com
Page Stationery has launched a new line of affordable, digitally printed holiday cards. The collection is a fresh, modern line that uses bright colors, contemporary fonts, unique designs and beautiful patterns to stand apart from other holiday photo cards on the market today.
These new holiday cards solve the problem of finding well designed yet affordable cards without sacrificing quality. "We wanted to create a new line of cards that gave the customer real value" says Creative Director Sue Corral. "Paper quality, printing technology and great design are all paramount in my mind and really should go hand in hand on any stationery product. We didn't think anyone was providing digitally printed product with those high standards that are intrinsic to the Page Stationery brand. Until now", says Corral. 
Indeed, the stationery industry has been directly altered by the nationwide economic downturn. "Prices are being driven down as consumers demand a more affordable alternative to the more costly printing techniques such as offset, letterpress and engraving." says Corral. "Digital printing has surfaced as the new printing of choice. Fortunately, this new print technology and the high quality papers created specifically for it, still allow us to produce quality product. This was not always the case and even now, some of our competitors are digitally printing on what really amounts to a color laser copier. That will not do for us or our product. We researched and tested and waited until we believed digital printing was where it should be as far as our high standards go and because of that, I really think we offer the best digitally printed stationery...read more

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