Wednesday, April 24, 2013 Launches Tool To Send Contact Details To Website Visitors' Phones Launches Tool To Send Contact Details To Website Visitors' Phones

Sendola, a free new tool for business owners to add to their websites, was launched this month by Plus Telecom Ltd, a UK telecom services provider.

Sendola's unique feature gives a user the ability to request contact and location details from any business website be sent to thier phone in seconds. The app is especially useful for businesses who rely on customer calls or foot traffic.  Sendola is a valuable tool that can convert website visitors to real-world customers.
Marketing and Culture manager of Leon Restaurants -and Sendola client- Megan Bailey, said "Sendola is perfect. It gives people who would like to pop in to our restaurants all the information they need to find us easily, exactly where it's most accessible - in their mobile."

Their are multiple business details which can be requested/sent to website visitors using Sendola,  including phone numbers, maps, addressess, email address, URLs, social links, business hours,  parking info, directions, street view and more.

Sendola can send these details to any mobile phone, meaning the website visitor is not required to have the app on their phone. This effectively removes barriers restricting a website visitor from using Sendola. With Sendola the website visitor receives more

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