Friday, March 07, 2014 Provides Credit Card Advice From Real People gives more power to the consumer when shopping for a credit card. The website uses a crowd-sourcing model where credit cards are displayed or “ranked” in their respective sections based on the votes or ratings given to them by cardholders and credit card experts. 

“The reality is that decisions about credit card selection are swayed heavily by product placement on credit card shopping sites. The placement of credit cards on personal finance sites is determined in many cases by advertising dollars with the quality of the product playing a lesser role,” says Todd Serpico, Director of User Experience at “We believe that card placements based on user ratings and unbiased expert opinion provides for a much more honest and balanced shopping environment. There is so much power given to the site owners in this industry and we think it’s about time to give more back to the people who need it most, the consumers.” (read more at URLwire)

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