Monday, July 14, 2014 - Discover Relevant & Breaking Stories With Noot Mobile App


Noot is a smartphone app that makes it easy to discover relevant, novel and breaking stories you can save, share and read. 


At Noot's core is its built-in learning technology.  Noot learns which topics are of interest to you based on both short and long term consumption patterns within the app. 

Noot’s learning engine then augments story streams (e.g. World News, Entertainment or Sports) with contextually relevant stories that match your unique interests. As a result, story selection is personalized and constantly evolves along with your interests. 

Content coverage includes both breaking news and stories that extend beyond traditional news categories. Noot's editorial team has curated thousands of newspapers, magazines and blogs into content channels. These content channels include traditional news categories such as World News, Entertainment, Business, Sports, Lifestyle and Technology, as well as over one hundred other channels covering topics such as Bollywood, Stock Markets, Fantasy Football, Parenting and Startup news, to name a few. (read more)

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