Thursday, March 12, 2015 Helps Consumers Avoid Diamond Buying Rip Offs

The Diamond Pro (, a website created by diamond industry veteran Ira Weissman, is dedicated to educating potential diamond consumers. With all the hype and misinformation fed to the public through sappy advertising and unscrupulous diamond salesmen, only education and research can guarantee one will make a smart buy. The potential pitfalls are nearly endless.

"I left my job traveling the world selling diamonds in 2008," said Weissman, "because I couldn't stand how the industry was always looking for ways to trick people into spending more money on diamonds. It's then that I decided to create The Diamond Pro to help consumers open their eyes to the games diamond dealers play. I also wanted to teach people how to buy a diamond like a diamond dealer and only focus on what’s visibly important."

The Diamond Pro educates consumers in two ways. First, readers of the site are invited to email Mike Fried, Weissman's partner and current CEO of The Diamond Pro, for free personalized advice on how to get the best deal when buying a diamond. By factoring in the reader’s preference of diamond shape and setting, as well as budget, Mike is able to recommend the best possible diamond. Often readers have already chosen a stone and request that Mike give his expert opinion before pulling the trigger. 

The second way that The Diamond Pro educates the consumer is through a series of expertly-written and user-friendly articles about every imaginable relevant topic, from the "4 Cs" to specific vendor reviews. Every article was created with the same purpose - to help people buy the largest best looking diamond with the least amount of money.

The team at The Diamond Pro is constantly working to make sure that they respond to emails in a timely fashion. Since the articles and personal consultation service are totally free, consumers only stand to gain by taking advantage of this unique and valuable service.

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