Tuesday, September 22, 2015

SearchRPM Launches Internet Safety for Kids Resource Guide In Time For New School Year

Premier search optimization company SearchRPM is taking their knowledge of the web and putting it to use to support Internet Safety. The company has just launched an Internet Safety Resource section on their website with information for both parents and kids from cyber security experts, teachers and more.

URL: https://www.searchrpm.com/internet-safety-for-kids

Back To School Internet Safety Portal for Kids and Parents
Austin-based search company SearchRPM is known for giving back to their local community with seminars, professional meetups and podcasts that provide information on navigating the World Wide Web for marketing purposes. The company is taking what they know and sharing it in a whole new way, with a completely different audience. The company is pleased to announce they have recently launched a Back To School Internet Safety Portal and Resource Guide on their website to coincide with the new school year. The portal and resource guide is designed for use by parents and kids.

The Back To School Internet Safety Portal for Kids and Parents was inspired by this past June's Internet Security Month, as part of The National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA) mission to educate and empower today’s digital society.

It is a message that struck home with SearchRPM’s owner and founder Michael Ramirez. Regarding his company’s participation Mr. Ramirez said, “Because of the work we do, and the fact that we are always online, we fully understand how dangerous the Internet can be for anyone. Our team is extremely tech savvy, yet keeping up with security can still be a challenge.” It’s a challenge that his team has to meet every day to keep their business protected.

With millions of students now having access to the Internet both at home and school, SearchRPM’s new Back To School Internet Safety Portal and Resource Guide is focused on ways to keep kids safer, wherever and whenever they are online. Children and teens are among the most vulnerable Internet users, however, their comfort using online resources often leads to complacency. This matter is addressed within the resources along with a variety of information for kids and their parents. The topics covered include:
  • General best practices and everyday safety tips
  • Facts and statistics about Internet security today
  • Browser settings that improve safety
  • Setting search parameters to control content
  • Parental controls that can be used
  • Keeping mobile devices safe and secure
  • How to talk to kids about Internet safety
Information is delivered through a variety of means including articles, quizzes and infographs. One highlight of the resource portal that can be used by parents and teachers is the Unbelievable Statistics About Kids & Teens on the Internet infograph. This highly visual piece delivers impactful information that relays the importance of protecting kids from cyber bullies, criminals and hackers that are online.

The Internet changes and expands daily, which makes protecting people and devices more challenging. Cyber criminals and stalkers often take advantage of new systems before the general public is aware of the potential dangers.  The SearchRPM Internet Safety Resource section features the most up-to-date information on potential risks and the most effective ways of protecting kids.

To learn more about the latest ways to protect kids while they are online, please visit the Internet Safety Resource section at: https://www.searchrpm.com/internet-safety-for-kids

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