Friday, April 28, 2006

Hairstyle Watchdog Group Joins Blogosphere

Summary: is a new blog based site which allows multiple authors to chime in at any time. Toni Johnson, a professional hairstylist, showcases the best hairstyles around, and reveals how you can look like the stars who wear them. The site also has other bloggers who post pictures, and helpful instructions on how you can have great hair. The site was created by founder Jack Somers. “What we have here is a global team of style oriented individuals who love to keep track of the latest hairstyles,” says Somers. “Now, individuals from around the world, curious about what’s hot in hair, can log-on and instantly see pictures and instructions for whatever hair type they have. Most of the trends in hairstyles originate in Hollywood, or other areas of entertainment, and our team of bloggers is dedicated to following what’s new, hot, and popular.”

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