Thursday, April 27, 2006

Writer Launches Da Vinci Code Website With Original Commentary on Book, Movie

Summary: Writer/poet Martin Goldberg today announced the launch of, a Website inspired by the internationally bestselling book and upcoming major motion picture “The Da Vinci Code.” The Website launch also commemorates the 554th anniversary of Leonardo da Vinci's birthday, which passes each year on April 15. Goldberg, 48, has read about 500 non-fiction books in the last 15 years covering topics from ancient philosophy and history to modern astronomy and physics. For Goldberg, one book stands out among the rest: “The Da Vinci Code” by Dan Brown. “The Da Vinci Code is a classic work of pulp fiction,” Goldberg said. “While many criticize Mr. Brown, one Da Vinci Code fact is certain - this pulp fiction novel has entertained and informed millions of people worldwide, causing many to consider these mysteries for the first time and think about their faith for themselves.”

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