Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Freshare.net Launches Ozark Citizen Journalism Search Engine

Freshare.net Launches Ozark Citizen Journalism Search EngineURL: http://www.Freshare.net
Freshare.net, which launched earlier this year, blends citizen journalism with professional resources to provide stories of importance to the Ozarks. Freshare is excited to announce an exclusive, customized search engine powered by Google that narrows the search process to the very best bloggers and citizen journalists across the Ozarks. Visitors can find entries from local bloggers directly from the freshare website instead of having to continually narrow their search criteria on other sites. Citizen journalism is the cornerstone of the site and visitors can add their own news items, events, and opinions along with the ability to upload photographs, video news and podcasts. Freshare is updated throughout the week and is filled with stories that are relevant to the area, whether it's local news items or national events that have an impact on the region. Three times each week, the top submissions are selected to become one of the ten featured stories on our front page. Other news is submitted by the publisher, the editor and freshare staff members along with video feeds from top news agencies like Reuters, the Associated Press, the Wall Street Journal and CBS News

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